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MedHub was founded in early 2018 by Or Baruch El and David Goldman, with the aim of helping physicians make more accurate clinical decisions while streamlining their workflow.

Our mission is to make better care accessible and to achieve optimal clinical outcomes. Our goals include decreasing unnecessary therapeutic procedures, patient mortality rate, post-procedure adverse events and shortening procedure time.

Why are we doing it?

We believe that adopting new technologies such as AI and machine learning can enhance the medical field by leading to a more efficient, accurate and better overall care for every patient.

But it doesn’t end there…

Our Second Why: We believe that great care needs to be affordable and accessible for every patient whether he/she has health insurance or not.


Autocath, an automated decision support system for interventional cardiologists use.
The Autocath Analysis is the only end to end non-invasive diagnostic tool that aids clinicians in quantifying arterial stenosis to determine whether significant narrowing is present. Autocath facilitates the selection of the most appropriate, effective and evidence-based revascularization strategy

  • Autocath
  • AutocathIFR
  • AutocathIVUS
  • AutocathOCT
  • AutocathNav
Our Partners.
MedHub will help to prioritize the patients that need the most urgent care. Medhub products reduce the risk of untreated diseases, post-operation adverse events and the overall cost associated with unnecessary procedures.
MedHub's solutions will lead to changes in the insurance industry due to the technology's ability to drastically reduce the downstream costs of multiple procedures. Our products lead to fewer claims and improving patients' wellbeing throughout A personalized treatment plan.
We provide intelligent solutions that help health care providers achieve better outcomes for their patients. MedHub paves the way for patients to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Regulatory Status

CE aprroval

AMAR aprroval

Or Baruch El
Founder & CEO
David Goldman
Founder & COO
The Team.
Igal Loevsky
Alexandre Kassel
Technology R&D
Shay Aharon
Algorithm Developer
Sefi Fuchs
Algorithm Developer
Odded Geffen
Algorithm Developer
Katia Berlin
Data Annotator
Ohad Gadot
Data Annotator
Maayan Mashiah
Data Annotator
Chairman of board
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